Welcome to Flashthusiast!

So the world needs another Flash blog, that’s what I said. Hi. Welcome to yet another blog on Flash.

But hey, have you noticed a lot of blogs have gone from talking about Flash to talking about Flex? or Air? or… you know, things that aren’t Flash anymore and not nearly as cool and awesome as Flash?

So maybe the world DOES need another Flash blog!

Hi, I’m Jen deHaan (although a lot of people call me Jan DeHann) and I like Flash. I confess. So much so, I went back to the Flash team (I was on the Flash team as a doc writer, then left the Flash team to do instructional design for the web and video products, then came back to the Flash team because that’s where I belong. ) So two of you might be thinking “but didn’t she have a blog or something that she sort of abandoned?” Well, yeah. Actually I’ve had three blogs that I’ve abandoned. No no… four. Anyway, three of those other blogs were using old versions of Movable Type, and they’re kind of boring or outdated and I’m too lazy to make them look nice on my own. The fourth blog used Movable Type but it was for my old job I don’t do anymore. And I had this domain that is pretty wacky and hard to spell. So I guess that’s enough reasons… hey none of you are reading anymore!

OK, so on to some stuff about Flash. Flash AUTHORING, the original Flash. I hope that I won’t neglect the blog or anything. I’ll give it an honest go this time.

By the way, we’re working on some real cool things right now on the Flash team that you might have seen at the MAX sneak peeks! I’ll definitely talk about those things as soon as I’m allowed to.


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