Download this Flash command – Automatically name selected instances… sequentially

So you have a bunch of instances on the Stage. Say you sprayed them using the new Spray Brush tool in Flash CS4, or maybe you just have a bunch of buttons in a menu that you need instance names for. And you don’t want to have to select each one, go to the PI, name it, repeat. This new JSFL file lets you select instances on the Stage, and will add an instance name for whatever can take one (buttons, movie clips, components, etc). You set the prefix for that name (say, yourName), and then it name them using the format yourName_0, yourName_1 and so on. If you select something that cannot take an instance name, it doesn’t get named (or mess up your sequential numbering).

Thanks to Jeffrey Ahlquist of Flash team engineering fame for writing up this JSFL. Download it (right-click, Save Link As): Sequentially Name Instances JSFL. After you download it, put this file in the Commands folder in your user config folder: (Win) Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS4\en\Configuration\Commands\ (Mac) username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS4/en/Configuration/Commands. In Flash, select the instances you want to name, and then select Commands > Sequentially Name instances.

The next post will detail using this new JSFL in conjunction with the Deco Tool and Tween instance features of Flash CS4. Along with a tiny bit of ActionScript 3.0. Read that next post… now!


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